Christmas Reflection

Over the Christmas break I have a had time to think on my designs, and the feedback that I received from the end of term formative assessment, the feedback sheet is attached below.


A concern with the table and chairs design was the size and weight of the chairs in particular, when the whole design would be scaled up to full size. It all looks nice on a small scale, but when it is larger it will look very heavy; we realized that when scaling up my design for the chairs they would not only look weighty but be weighty! Whereas a weighty table is fine and there are not really any practical concerns there, when it comes to chairs, moving heavy chairs around becomes a cumbersome task, which is not what you want. Much of the contemporary aesthetic that you I took inspiration from, uses a lightness of line and form alongside some more solid materials. I then thought about the possibility of using a flexiply, and bending the shaped of the chair into the flexiply, cutting away all the solid parts of the chair, giving the chair a much lighter feel. However, this does impose some questions about cost, due to the fact that flexiply is an expensive material, so I may have to find ways of saving on material to keep the cost down, or find anther material that we can achieve similar result in. This might mean making the shape of the back of the chair in plastic and coating it in a solid color contrasting with wooden parts of the chair which is an effect I quite like and I have experimented with it below.

I also began to think about how comfortable the chairs would be and how they might help to to keep you back in a good, healthy, ergonomic position. I don’t find the standard ergonomic shape curve of the legs all the way up through the spine to the head very aesthetically pleasing, it doesn’t seem to flow in the way I would like. So I need to consider the shape of the chair carefully and try and strike a balance between a ergonomic shapes and a aesthetically pleasing flowing curve. Below I have got some images together of the ergonomic shape of the chair and what that would look like, and the current shape of the chair at the moment.

2 chairs
The other thing I considered was if the chairs are going to look different then the table may to need to assume a more lighter feel to it as well to match. As you can see below I have been considering some options for making the base in particular have a similar lighter feel to the chair, matching the new style if the chairs.

table chairs

I have also been looking into something called live edge furniture, where natural parts of the original timber and raw material are left and made a feature of. Things often considered as defects in wood, are actually celebrated giving no two table top the same look. For instance I could take wooden knots and cracks a fill them in with resin and then potentially light it from the inside. A very common and popular form of live edge is leaving some of the gnarled bark on the edge of the table. I like the effect Live edge creates and I am exploring way it could be integrated into my design.





These are some of the thoughts that I have had whilst on the Christmas break. Hopefully I can develop these ideas further to have a final plan for a final piece soon. I also need to continue my experiments for lighting both on the table and above the table, but my main concern was with the table and chairs over the Christmas break following the feedback sheet. I still aim to experiment with materials such as concrete, and ceramic for my light and see how I can combine different materials to create a interesting piece of lighting. But similar to the table and chairs, need to start being aware of how the light will look as a full scale version, as opposed to the small maquettes.


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