I have now arranged my space into a mini exhibition demonstrating my workshop outcomes and what I have been exploring in my project work. I wanted to put the main focus of the display on my project work and then have the workshop outcomes along side this. So I placed my project work on the surface of my desk and then my workshop outcomes above that at eye level on a shelf. I also included in my display my Book Project which was a project we were set before we joined the course. The project was to take a book and transform it into something else. I decided to take the functional approach and make light shades out of the book pages. I wanted the light to shine trough the pages so the content of the book would still be visible giving the functional piece of design a sort of history and narrativ. I placed my final pieces at the top of my space above my workshop outcomes, and hung one lampshade in the middle. This middle piece was pages of a book compressed together and set in resin. I then turned the resin on the lath, which was very tricky to hold it in place on the lath and stop it from flying off! I was please with the outcome which is why I made it central.

You can also see in one of the photos some 3D prints of my sofa designs twisting into a spiral at the end. That was a experiment that I did in Rhino using the twist tool and also the bend tool, to twist the simple form of the sofa into a complex shape at one end while retain the simple shape of the sofa at the other end, giving the contrast of simple and complex which I talked about in one of my first posts when we looked round the National Museum Cardiff. It also shows how Rhino can produce shapes which are quite uncontrollable, producing an element of serendipity, even though your are not actually physically manipulating the material which is interesting.



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