Table and Chairs and Project Update

After my last project update I decided I wanted to focus a bit more on my Table and chairs design as I felt it was the design which needed quite a bit of developing and a few decision need to be made as to the shapes that I was going to use. So I continued to work on some more Sketchup models as you can see below.

chairs chairs 1 chairs 3 chairs 4

The above set of images show the form finding process for the shape of the chairs. They are all the different shape options that I am considering for the design of the chairs. The shapes stem from the simplest of the shapes shown in the above image on the left. I decided for the comfort of the user the shape of the chair would have to be shaped in curve similar to the shape of the back otherwise it would be simply too uncomfortable! My favorite two designs are the first two chairs in the top image. I like their simplistic curves contrasting with the straight lines of the back and base of the chair. All the chairs are rendered in a wood and concrete texture, combining and contrasting the two materials, this is just one possibility of use of material. This may still change I haven’t though to much into my choice of material yet, but I know I want the materials to contrast. It may be that I have to drop concrete as a material and use something else. This could just be two different types/colours of wood put together.

The below images are of possible designs for the tables.

table  table 1

The above image shows my two simplest table designs. They consist of a four sided pyramid holding up a wooden table top. I have rendered them in a wood texture, with one completely made out of one type of wood which I actually really like. The other one has two different woods mixed together, for the base, in a checked pattern.

table 2

The above design is possibly my favorite but also would be the most expensive and tricky to make. Instead of a wooden table top, it would be glass. This has the benefit of being able to see the beautiful wooden base and gives the whole table a lighter feeling. It makes the base much more of a feature whereas if you had a wooden table top you wouldn’t actually see the base very much, which would be a shame if it was made out of beautifully polished wood. I would really need to consider how I would achieve the structural strength of this design if I was to go forward with it.

table3table 4

The two above image is another design idea for the table, slightly different from the previous two. The shape of the base is a simple extruded triangle, with a modular unit system in the centre of the table and the base. This consist of a slot where you can slot different units into. So you could have a hot plate which slotted into the centre, or a mood light, or even a small aquarium which could be lit up to create different effects on the wall above, add a bit of a quirkiness to the table and a talking point.

table chairs 2 table chairs 3 table chairs 4

Above I have put my two favorite table designs with my two favorite chair deigns. There are advantages and disadvantages to both and I need to think further on the structure of the table top because it is attached to quite a small surface area at the top of the pyramid and could potentially wobble. However, I do feel I am coming closer to a final design for the table and chairs.

I have also been experimenting with making a few different geometric shapes in wood to get a better idea of what might look good for the light above the table and also different shapes for the base of the table which might match the light. Alongside this I have been working a bit on Rhino on my possible design for a sofa, and I want to 3D print some possible shapes for the sofa design. So far it looks like I will be making a table and chair set (size yet to be confirmed) with a accompanying light to go above it and something to go in the centre. I also have my sofa design which I want to make, but we will have to see if I have have time for that. I have decided to drop the speaker design for now. As much as I liked the design, speakers are actually quite complex things and its difficult to get them right so the sound produced is good, because you are constantly battling against vibration, and trying to find ways to stop the speaker housing from vibrating so, whilst I like a challenge, I want to focus on the table and chairs, light and possible sofa, and potentially come back to the speakers at a later date.


One thought on “Table and Chairs and Project Update

  1. I agree with you and think that your favourite chair design is something that looks slick and yet comfortable because of the back arch. I like the table too however, currently I (in my mind aha) can not really visualise your aim for the centre piece – I am looking forward to see how this develops tho mate! x


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