Sketchup Models

To help me visualize some of my favorite ideas I decided to do some 3D modelling on Sketchup 8. At this stage we are just starting to learn Rhino 5 but I hope in the future I will be able to use Rhino t do my virtual 3D modelling , but for now I only need simple models and Sketchup is great for that.

The models that I have done are of the table, the speakers and the light. I have done quite a few designs for the table because I was unsure about the shape of the base that holds up the table top. I knew that I wanted to base it on the shape of a triangle, but I wasn’t sure if I wanted the 3D shape to be a pyramid or a cone or a simple extruded triangle with two square sides.

The first image is of the light design. I have chosen this as the first image because it where a lot of my other ideas have stemmed off; the basic shape of a cone with a slightly tapered bottom. I find the shape very satisfying; inspired by the copper light found on the website Below I have split the shape up in various segments and rendered them in different materials. This is just one possible option of how I would make this light. Other options would be to make it out of a single material but each segment has a different finish on it it a different number of layers of finish, and see if this effects how the light filtered through.

ideas 4

Below is my speaker design. Here I have rendered the image to give a wood effect because I like the effect but the chosen material is yet to be decided. However the shape is based around the cone shape of the light. The sub (bottom speaker) slots into a concrete stand at an angle that looks like its balancing. Then the top speaker also looks like its balancing on top of the larger speaker. It is actually connected by a single metal pole. I like objects that give the illusion that it is in a state of balance. I really like the form and aesthetic of this design but I would need to work on the structural integrity of this design, before it is actually practical.

ideas 5

Below are my table designs. My favourite one is the the idea directly below. It sis a simple shape, one again inspire by the light shape, with the cone like shape with a 45 degree angle at the bottom. However rather than a cone this is more of a four sided triangle shape. Here I have rendered the base in a stone texture holding up a wooden table top. I like the contrast of the wood and stone. For the bottom two I took the lamp design an just use them for the table base. I didn’t really like the table with two base supports either end, but I quite like the round table design,I could see it with a light above it that mirrored the shape of the base. I now need to think abut the shape of the chairs that go with the table.

ideas 3 ideas 2 ideas


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