Project update

Following producing a image board and thinking about the possible directions of the project, I have started thinking about and sketching some ideas for the project.

I like the idea of creating a furniture set, that is simplistic and geometric in shape and form. I want the materials of the furniture set to be quite unconventional but beautiful. I like the thought of experimenting with concrete, and testing its versatility. The use of Concrete has really taken off in the past years, with the minimalist movement in architecture, with many architects choosing to finish a building in a very industrial style choosing to leave the concrete of the walls expose. Due to this the material has developed and more and more uses and properties have been discovered. Polished concrete floors have become very popular, it has been used for casting and can hold pattern, details and textures well. You can also colour concrete and use different constituencies to create different effects. I would like to explore this and see if I could make a table and chair set out of concrete. I would also like to see how I could combine concrete with other materials such as wood. I am drawn to concrete due to is clean and contemporary feel and it ability to produce clean lines.

I would like to experiment with materials that I haven’t really explored yet. I haven’t done much ceramic work so I would also like to explore how I can use ceramic in my designs. I have thought about designing some ceramic speakers, finishing the ceramic in a nice glossy glaze giving the object a nice clean and high quality feel. The speakers would be supported by a turned wooden stand. I also thought to take this a step further, I could make it so you could interchange the speakers for a lamp which has a a similar pot like form to the speakers. I even though you could use to stand for other things a well. I could make a set of pots which you put plants in.

I want to explore how materials can be combined together. I was Inspired by the way in which a geometric copper light, I found on the website, designed by David Derkson, reflected light off its outer shell in different ways, making it look like different materials were combined together. I thought it would be nice to explore how different materials can be combined and how the light inside the lamp filters through the different materials to create different effects.

These are some of the initial ideas that I have thought about. I have been sketching and developing these ideas further, concentrating on the table set design, looking at the practicalities of seating; how I could make the seats more comfortable, perhaps sculpting the concrete in such a way that it fits into the shape of your back. I also look how tradition table and furniture set usually has some sort of centre piece on the table. I thought about possibly having a lazy Susan in the middle of the table, which folds into itself in a aperture type design for storage. We also had a group seminar today where we talked about our work and project so far. One of the students suggested possibly having interchangeable table pieces depending on the mood of the table or the season, making it into a small art piece with a bit of narrative rather than a functional object like a lazy susan. There was also a suggestion that I could experimenting with layers. So I would take a piece of ceramic and experimenting with different layers of glaze on the ceramics, and seeing how that effects the light that comes through. Or I could do the same with varnish and wood. I like both these suggestions and would like to explore their potential. I also found the group seminar useful for exploring more potential artist and avenues to explore. It turns out one of our tutor Philippa Lawrence knows a designer who makes concrete furniture who she could get me in touch with for any potential questions that I have which is very useful.

Below are some pictures of my sketchbook where I have been exploring some ideas through quick, rough sketches. I use my sketchbook to get my ideas down quickly as they come through, it helps me develop my initial though and help me understand and develop the shapes and forms in 2D. Although it might seem a bit scibbly it makes complete sense to me! I don’t assign each page to a single design idea, I draw as the ideas come, so I might be thinking about one design as then it sparks a idea for a different design so I then start sketching that next to a seemingly unrelated topic.






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