Project Ideas

Following the hand out of our project brief I started thinking about some possibilities for the two objects that we need to make for June 2015. Our project came as two separate sections. 1- A curation of a display for the objects created in the workshop rotations that we have done, due in December, and 2- The creating of two objects which are clearly located within Art, Design or Craft. My initial reaction to this brief was it was quite broad and seemed very flexibly, giving us freedom which I like, although I sometimes find that it can be quite difficult to come up with ideas without a specific problem to solve, which is why I consider my practice to be design rather than art. Nevertheless, I enjoy the freedom of coming up with everything yourself, making the project entirely yours from start to finish. I do find it quite difficult to clearly locate my style within art design and craft because I think my work can end up touching on all three depending on how a project develops. Thomas Heatherwick is somebody that I look up to and his work is constantly breaching the boundaries between art, design and craft, so I find it hard to clearly locate my own personal work in one of those boundaries. But I am clear that I want to explore design and craft further, specifically design. Last year in my foundation I explored sculpture so explored art more than design, but I feel my roots lie in design and craft, and that is where I am strongest so I want to work on that and develop that area further.

I have though about my object and considered that I would like to fulfil the following points with the objects that I create-
Something that has a simplistic yet elegant form, but is finished to the highest quality.
Make sure that there are no fussy edges, but the shapes are clean and elegant.
Something that uses materials quite experimentally, showing off the material and its capabilities; combining materials to create an interesting effect, but making sure it isn’t complex to look at, so the forms are still simplistic.
Something that has a nice simplistic functionality, possibly product based.

I want to explore how simplicity can radiate beauty in a piece of work. Where cutting back to the minimum you actually gain maximum impact on the viewer, provided you choose the choice of material carefully. I feel that as soon as you start fussing around with the edges of objects and over decorating them the object can become almost complete to look at and can confuse the eye, making it a little bit hard to look at. Whereas if you keep things clean and simple, the viewer finds it easier to focus on the form and providing you have made that form elegant and organic, the viewer can have a very positive experience. By keeping the form clean and simple one can focus on the materials it is made out of and, provided those materials complement the object, its context and shape, this will add together and provide you with a beautifully design product.

I like the idea of showing off the material in my work. So, for instance, if I am using wood, I would consider if there is a way that I could keep some of the bark left on the wood from the tree. This will give the product a natural feel, whilst steel being able to keep a simplistic look.
I like objects to have a very organic feel to them, so they look like they were meant to be shaped that way, and makes you think why were they ever shaped differently.

I am aiming to create one piece of design and one piece of craft. I like the idea of creating an functional product which focuses very much on form as well as function. So I want the function to be simple, such as a set of speakers or a lamp or a clock. Of course with a set of speakers there is a degree of physics involved, in terms of sound-waves and how to house a speaker to get the best sound etc. but this physics of sound could help inform my idea for possible shapes of the speakers. I like the idea of doing a piece of craft because it focuses very much on materials and processes to inform a final outcome, and it could possibly be functional, which I always like.

Below I have collected a few images together that I feel are along the lines of what I want to make, and are in the style that I want to explore further; The modern, clean and simple look.



















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